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NPCC welcomes its community to join in learning from creators and art appreciators at Speakers Series events.

NPCC will partner with its Resident Groups to deliver FREE public talks.

RSVP on Facebook or call the office.


Contemporary Painting: the Vocabulary of Paint with Kim-Lee Kho

Sunday October 29, 2017

2:00pm - 4:00pm



Many contemporary painters are working with an expansive vocabulary of paint, or a distinctly contemporary language, using (and pushing) the properties of the paint and its application in varied and unexpected ways. Their paintings can really surprise us, offering us rich tactile experiences, a vivid sense of the artist’s hand as well as fascinating optical effects.
See lots of gorgeous examples from artists working today – many of them Canadian! – focusing in on their painterly vocabulary and unique ways of working with paint.
Kim-Lee Kho is an actively exhibiting multidisciplinary Canadian artist and recovering graphic designer/art director. As a teacher, speaker and consultant, she leads people on adventures in art. This presentation relates closely to her own approach to painting and she has taught numerous popular courses and workshops on related topics. 
Her upcoming weekend workshop at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Contemporary Painting: Transparent Glazes in Acrylics, will focus on creating the gorgeous depth, lustre and complexity of layered transparent glazes. Click here for more information.


Performance Painting: Intuition, Integration and Community Connection with Tina Newlove

In partnership with the Etobicoke Art Group

Wednesday Nov. 15, 2017

7:30pm – 9:30pm


The Etobicoke Art Group (EAG) invites you to a speaking engagement with Tina Newlove. Since 1997, Newlove has been performance painting live to music in acrylics with bands and musicians. Newlove will give a brief talk on her unique experiences and travels with performance painting followed by a demonstration to pre-recorded music of her process of live painting and mark-making to music, wrapping up with a question and answer period. Accompanying workshop with EAG to be announced!
Canadian, Eh? with Jette Vandermeiden
In partnership with the Etobicoke Handweavers and Spinners
Sunday November 26, 2017
2:00pm - 4:00pm
The great white north.  Where winters are long and snowy, and summers short and buggy. Canada has its own unique weaving traditions adapted to its people and geography.  Acadians, French-Canadian community weaving centers, overshot coverlets, immigrant traditions, Chilkat Dancing blankets, Hudson Bay Blankets, old and contemporary functioning Jacquard looms. Delve into the incredible diversity of current Canadian weaving styles.
Jette teaches across the USA, Canada, and England, at colleges, OHS Master Weaver diploma courses, national and international conferences, including Convergence and Complex Weavers Seminars, guilds, and through her own studio. She has been a consultant to museums, documentary researchers, and developers of weaving curriculum for college programs.  Also a prolific writer, Jette was a regular columnist for many years, writing The Loom Bench, a quarterly column for Fibre Focus. She weaves damask and Scandinavian weaves on her drawlooms, and volunteers at several museums. Jette volunteers at the Ontario Science Center, working on an 1865 Jacquard loom, is the former Chairman of Weaving Education for Ontario Handweavers and Spinners. Her drawloom damask pieces have been shown in the US, Holland, Switzerland, and Canada. Jette's goal is to share weaving skills so this craft will continue to enrich our lives.
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