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50! Evolution of an ArtistMarianne Gibson Exhibition Image 50 front v2
Marianne Gibson

Exhibition Duration:  June 3 to 23, 2019

Opening Reception: Sunday, June 9, 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

This June I turn 50 years-old and I’m celebrating with a retrospective of my work. This milestone birthday presents an opportune time to step back, review and celebrate the evolution of my life as an artist. Beginning with key figurative pieces from art school through my continuing drive to learn and keep the creative process alive with various workshops to my current consuming love of the encaustic medium – this shows provides an inspiring glimpse into my artistic journey.
There are 50 of my pieces in the show plus a small collection of works from pivotal contemporaries – artists who have influenced my life and my art.
Enjoy the show and here’s to the next 50 years of creation! Website  

Featuring Guest Artists:  
Joanne Bullock, Benny Gibson-Streeter, Ocean Gibson-Streeter, Alison Markle, Leanne Mladen, Adrienne Russell O’Leary, Pirkko Saari, Blair Streeter, Gail Streeter and Janet Weldon


The Hook and I
Etobicoke Rugcrafters 

Exhibition Duration:  June 3 to June 23, 2019Cropped for website IMG 3554

The Hook and I Hall Exhibition showcases work completed by the Etobicoke Rugcrafters, a branch of the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild and a Resident Group of the Neilson Park Creative Centre.

Items on display include various rug hooking styles: traditional, primitive and modern. Featured this year are hooked items using the theme, “Birds and their Houses”. Members were challenged as well to incorporate three different hooking styles into the hooked pieces for display.

For more information about workshops, membership, news and event click



Little RemindersKal Honey
Modestly Scaled Originals and Prints
Kal Honey

Exhibition Duration:  May 21 to June 28, 2019


My art is comprised primarily of painting, with some cross-training in both collage and graphics. A previous design career strongly informs my artistic practice: text and typography, structure, colour, hierarchy. I am particularly enamoured with the bold, direct language and visuals of advertising, signage, graffiti and memes — and, whether written myself or appropriated and re-contextualized, I love exploring the interplay of messages with their visual expression.

Themes of current interest are creativity and freedom and impediments to same: both internal, including blocks, depression and limiting beliefs – and external, such as rules, restrictions and societal expectations.

I am keen to further explore various messages, modes and degrees of communication… and with luck, do it with some wit, beauty and insight — not to mention a metric tonne of visual impact. Website



Vivian Wong

Exhibition Duration: May 6 to June 1, 2019Vivian Wong OFG IMG 5326


This microcosmic landscape contains invasive plants that have overtaken the native ecosystem of Toronto/Tkaronto. A whirlwind of ghost butterflies fills this habitat, created around the remains of a Monarch butterfly found on the grille of a car on a city street. It suggests that butterfly migration in a changed environment is a narrative of displacement and loss.

Vivian Wong is a Toronto-based artist, arts educator and workshop facilitator. In her public art practice, she focuses on process and engagement through participatory art, using sustainable and upcycled materials and a mix of found and natural objects. Vivian has animated spaces like Nuit Blanche Toronto, Evergreen Brick Works, and the Gardiner Museum with interactive and ephemeral installations and community art.

For more information click @blackboughstudio


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