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Main Gallery

 NPCC Gallery Susan Aaron 2017

Spontaneity and Creativity 

Exhibition Duration: October 30 – November 19, 2017

Reception: Sunday, November 5 from 2:0 – 4:00pm

Spontaneity and Creativity is a solo exhibition that features work by Susan Aaron. Aaron is a multi-media artist who has returned to art after many years of working in other careers.

Spontaneity and creativity are the pillars of her psychotherapy practice and those qualities naturally transitioned with her into her paintings. She believes they are the foundations of a healthy grounded approach to life and it’s her goal to honour them in this exhibition.

There is a 36 year gap between when she left the Toronto Board of to the time she picked up her brushes and began to paint again. During those intervening years she became a body-based psychotherapist, teaching her unique methods to psychotherapists around the world. These insights have found expression in her work, using symbols, textures and colors intended to capture the richness of life in this world as well as the spiritual realm. Within her practice as a psychotherapist and an artist, she wants to communicate the uplifting message that we do not face life’s challenges and lessons alone.

Hallway Gallery

NPCC Gallery Carole Sisto 2017


Impressions VII

Exhibition Duration: October 30 – November 19, 2017

Impressions VII features artwork by the Etobicoke Printmakers. Members of this group have explored and shared many different techniques and sources of inspiration over the years as they find new ways to communicate their individual vision through the art of printmaking. 

The artists have used a wide range of printing techniques including collagraphy, drypoint, etching, monotype, relief, screen and digital printing to create original works of art. The group is excited by the challenge and creative possibilities in the printmaking process where each pull of a print often feels like a new discovery. 

Their annual shows are an opportunity to showcase their more recent works. The Etobicoke Printmakers meet Thursdays at the NPCC for printmaking.



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