Black History Month 2021

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Written by Kylynn Bhathena, Engagement Coordinator

Looking back at Neilson Park Creative Centre’s Black History Month Programming

In February 2021, Neilson Park Creative Centre hosted three online events to explore themes in relation to Black History and the contributions of prominent figures to Canadian Arts and Culture.

Curated and executed by Treshana Williams, each event drew attention to works of literature, significant historic events, and prominent diasporas in Canada. At the end of each event, an in-depth reflection of the content was provided to encourage dialog among attendees.

Through a powerful presentation, attendees learned about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, The Christmas Rebellion of 1831, Africville in Halifax, the Black Loyalists, and the Jamaican Maroons in Nova Scotia, the Underground Railroad, immigration patterns, and prominent Black figures in Canadian politics, arts, and entertainment.

These events empowered attendees with a sense of renewed understanding and the motivation to learn more about Black History by referring to works of literature, archives in museums across the world, and engaging in insightful conversation.

Neilson Park Creative Centre is committed to providing an inclusive environment and a platform for diverse learning and engagement. Through our programming efforts, we’re able to reflect the rich cultural landscape of Toronto and present our community with learning opportunities by engaging with them via workshops, classes, and events. 

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