An Introduction to Art Therapy

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Free of Charge
Location: At Centre
Instructor: Chantal Fraizinger, DTATI, RP (Qualifying) 
Level: Adult
This course has been specially curated for adults only. 

This workshop will be an artful exploration of the practice of art therapy. It will aspire to demonstrate the benefits of art-making as a method of intentional expression, for mental health purposes. Participants attending this workshop will have the chance to experience art therapy for themselves through a guided directive, followed by a group discussion about the process.

Note: Participants are invited to bring their curiosity and child-like wonder to this workshop to harness the full potential of this experience for themselves.

About Chantal Fraizinger

Chantal Fraizinger (she/her) is a Black art therapist, comic enthusiast and creative expressionist. She is an avid believer in the healing properties of the creative process, which she utilizes as a form of self-care for herself as well.

She studied and earned her Master’s level diploma in Art Therapy from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. Upon graduation she received the 2019 Gilda Grossman Award for her thesis project on grief and loss, which she completed in a graphic novel format.

Her practice is client-centred, rooted in an inclusive, anti-oppressive and anti-racist perspective. She is especially passionate about offering her services to Black and racialized communities.

Through this practice, clients can tell their stories and ‘draw out’ their presenting concerns and issues (such as grief, bereavement, anxiety, depression and/or collective trauma), in a safe and supportive space. Her approach is grounded in self-empathetic listening and the art-making process, not on art technique, as the primary channel to self-awareness, identity exploration and transformation.

In conjunction with the art-making process, Chantal employs comic art therapy with her clients, which combines theories and techniques from narrative therapy and visual journaling, as another venture for them to explore in their therapeutic journey.

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