The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour La Société Canadienne de Peintures en Aquarelle

The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour's 98th Annual Open Water / L'Eau Claire Exhibition 2023

An International Juried Exhibition of Water Based Media

September 5 to September 24, 2023

Location: Art Space Connect Gallery

Presented by: Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour

Free Demonstration: Saturday, September 9 from 1 pm to 4 pm by Andrew Cheedie Sookrah

Reception: Sunday, September 17 from 1 pm to 3 pm

The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour was founded in 1925, by Canadian standards a historic society, a part of the Canadian identity. Our membership includes not only Canadians from coast to coast but also artists far from our shores. Our founders had a dramatic influence on the evolution of Canadian art. They include F.H. Brigden, A.J. Casson, Franklin Carmichael and C.W. Jefferys. Their stated aim was “To recognize, encourage, and nurture excellence of work in the watercolour medium”.

Our 98th Annual “Open Water” Exhibition

This annual exhibition is a remarkable statement about the quality and endurance of the CSPWC/SCPA.

Watercolour painting has accompanied human societies for thousands of years. Its sophistication in modern times gives watercolour its own special prominence and it has indeed told much of the history of the Canadian nation. From the earliest topographical painters to our modern master painters the simplicity and subtlety of the medium has made its mark in Canadian Art History. We invite with enthusiasm the watercolour painters of the world into this exhibition, but it is, for the most part, a broad expression of contemporary Canadian watercolour painting from across this huge country. The Society is most hopeful that you will truly enjoy this modern exhibition as it makes its outstanding contribution to our history and the modern Canadian art scene. We also say thank you to those international painters who have broadened this experience.

La 98ème exposition annuelle de l’Eau Claire 

L’Eau Claire 2023, cette importante exposition annuelle de la CSPWC/SCPA reflète l’excellence.

L’aquarelle fait partie de notre société depuis très longtemps. De ses débuts jusqu’aujourd’hui, elle laisse sa marque dans notre histoire culturelle par sa subtilité et son élégance.

C’est avec plaisir que nous invitons les aquarellistes de par le monde à participer à cette exposition qui reflète, en grande partie, une image contemporaine de l’aquarelle canadienne. Nous espérons que cet évènement culturel important saura retenir votre attention et vous captiver. Nous tenons à remercier tous les artistes qui ajoutent à l’évènement une dimension internationale.

For more information see:

Marie-françoise Ingels, Mystery

A.J. Casson Award,
Belgique, Non-Member,
60″ x 80″

Yunfang Wang, Ceremony

Carl Schaefer Award,
Australia, Non-Member,
30″ x 21″