Confinement and Contagion

March 28 to April 17, 2022

Location: Parkview Gallery

Curators: Defne Inceoglu and Revital Weiss

Confinement and Contagion: COVID-19 & Health in the Prison System is an exhibition and workshop series for people affected by the prison system to share their work and their stories. The exhibition will advocate for and educate on prisoner health, especially in light of the pandemic. Using storytelling, artworks and participatory workshops, Confinement and Contagion will bring awareness to the ongoing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues that prisoners and people who have been impacted by the system face. The project looks to support and extend solidarity with marginalized populations and advocates for the dismantling of oppressive systems.

This project is in partnership with three Toronto-based prisoners’ rights and advocacy organizations—PASAN, Literal Change, and the Toronto Prisoners’ Rights Project—and was made possible by the presenting partner, Myseum of Toronto, to be featured at the 7th annual Myseum Intersections festival, opening in April 2022.