Our Blue Planet Juried Art Show and Sale

November 8 to November 28, 2021
Location: Art Space Connect and Parkview Galleries
Presented by: Humber Valley Art Club
Submission Window from:
September 1 to October 7, 2021
Entry Details at: www.humbervalleyartclub.ca

Humber Valley Art Clubs’ Blue Planet Open Juried Exhibition and Sale is a fundraiser for World Wildlife Fund Canada. 

It is an:

• opportunity for local artists to showcase their work and gain recognition
• while raising funds for World Wildlife Fund Canada
• while raising awareness of the plastic pollution crisis and its negative effects on marine life and ourselves

This show is a departure from the groups’ usual show. Traditionally, the focus of their juried show is to give an opportunity for members to showcase their work in a curated show with an acclaimed juror. But this show, Humber Valley’ Art Club’s: OUR BLUE PLANET, invites both members and non members to submit their work bringing the show and the plastic crisis conversation to a larger audience while raising funds for endangered species for World Wildlife Fund Canada.

Prizes: 1st place $300,  2nd place $200, 3rd place $100
Honourable Mention: $100
Honourable Mention: Free Neilson Park Membership worth $110

The planet that we love is under threat. Species extinction is happening now. The world is getting hotter with more fires, floods and drought. We need to change our relationship to the natural world that sustains us. The Climate Crisis and the Plastic Crisis are real. We are the cause. But we can also be the solution.

Time is short. Spread the word. Green the planet for our children and for our grandchildren.

Please click here for the Call for Entry. For show details please visit the Humber Valley Art Club website at www.humbervalleyartclub.ca

Exhibition Award Winners

Margaret Roseman, Juror, Comments:
Thank you for the honour given to me to jury this show for the Humber Valley Art club. I found the submissions to be creative, colourful and diverse as each artist rose to the challenge of interpreting “2021 Our Blue Planet”.

The club is to be commended for choosing a focus that is current and so very important. Partnering with the World Wildlife Fund of Canada adds more kudos to the group for their awareness and social responsibility. We are at a stage in our existence where our actions of today will shape the future of our world. Artists have historically mirrored the state of humanity. It was encouraging to see the works
submitted offer insight and commentary on our prevailing situation.

The award winners selected share an inclination towards artistic diversity and offer examples of the capabilities of the creative process.

Sincere congratulations to all artists who submitted work for this show.

Margaret Roseman

First Prize:
Katherine Brown for Arctic Alarm (acrylic)
The painting has a striking composition with the use of a well-planned graphic design. This is successfully paired with the adept technical ability of the artist.

Second Prize:
Natalia Outkina for Waterfall (watercolour)
The dream-like, impressionistic quality conveys a great understanding of spatial perspective. The work is handled with delicacy yet presents the force and energy of the waterfall.

Third Prize:
Jane Laster-Gordon for Coming Around the Bend (collage)
The layered patterns successfully depict the basic landscape elements that come together in a playful and confident design. The placement of rich colours against the subtle tones of neutrals utilizes abstract shapes that create the feeling of space and distance.

Honourable Mention:
Susanne Massie for No Man Is An Island (acrylic)
The broad strokes of decisive and simplified shapes give this painting energy and a strong visual impact. The process of working on a coloured ground and the placement of contrasting rich tones create an eye-catching result.

Free Membership:
Villem Karja for We Stand In Portland (gouache)
The gentle transition of colour and colour temperature create a moody and mysterious setting. Fine brushwork depicts the texture of the forest floor. We cannot help but to be drawn into this dreamlike setting.

Carol Essex, Oncoming Storm
Jane Laster-Gordon, Don't Fence Me In
RoseMarie Nicolucci, Water's Edge II