Jacintha Krish

November 7 to November 26, 2023

Location: Founders Gallery

Presented by: Jacintha Krish

We welcome back Jacintha Krish to our gallery at NPCC.

A painter for many decades, Jacintha considers art a journey that breathes life into her soul along its path. “After many decades of juggling a career in business and administration as well as creative and visual arts, I now enjoy life in this vibrant city of Toronto being engaged as a full-time artist.”

Her work involves teaching workshops, courses and painting demonstrations in various creative organizations in the GTA. She currently instructs at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Humber Valley Art Club and Oakville Art Society. Also, She teaches workshops in out-of-town locations Southampton Art School and Meacham Art Society. Her work is currently featured on international websites Saatchi and Artfinder and sold in Canada, USA, UK and South Asia.