Mobile in the Sky - Kite Exhibition

August 16 to September 20, 2021

Location:  In the North Facing Windows at NPCC

Presented by: Neilson Park Creative Centre

Neilson Park Creative Centre presents Mobile in the Sky, a City of Toronto Cultural Hotspot Project.

Those who participated in our workshops, created artwork on kites that best represented their connection with the City of Toronto. Come view these kites displayed in our North-Facing windows at Neilson Park Creative Centre from August 7 – September 20, 2021!

About Mobile In The Sky
The ethos of this project is the city, community and creativity. The need for artistic and social connections has been identified in our community, as a result of prior months characterized by social isolation and limited mobility. This project enables the community to participate in a series of creative and socially engaging activities.

Mobile In the Sky, represents the kite as a blank canvas, animated by participants’ experience of the culture and landscape of Toronto. Overall, this program uses art and social engagement as a medium to reflect community identity and pride. Through this initiative, we wish to reinforce the positive influence public art has on the creator and audience.

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Jenneen Beattie, Untitled
Jolene Beattie, Untitled
Catriona Fraser, Untitled
Martin Fraser, Untitled
Kiera Lindsay, TO Love is Rainbows
Vivian Luu, Untitled
Marie Nahas, Untitled
Akhil Nahas-Narayan, Toronto
Amar Nahas-Narayan, Butternoth (a cross between a butterfly and a moth)
Nathalie Nahas, Untitled
Bob Steele, The Park
Quan Steele, The Land
Joanna Turlej, For Hayes
Ebru Winegard, Dance in the Sky
Wendy Cox, Long time we fete like this!
Karin Fediw, Untitled
Chelsea Gasper, A place to meet people
Catherine Watkins, Same but different
Raniya Halich, Toronto makes my heart sing
Praneti Kulkarni, Four Moods of Toronto
Summaiyah Mehta, Untitled
Anna Pendlebury, Sky
Vera Rudolf, Untitled
Jan Elizabeth Seixas, I belong to Tkaronto
Thea Yearwood, Neilson Park
Toni Caldarone, Untitled
Toni Caldarone, Untitled