Patience: A Space for Reflection and Thought

September 27 to October 16, 2022

Location: Parkview Gallery

Presented by: Roger Sutcliffe

Reception: Tuesday, September 27 from 6 pm to 8 pm

Patience: a Space for Reflection and Thought is a solo exhibition of  hand-pulled prints.

The creations that will be exhibited are produced using a limited number of collagraph plates. Plates are developed including organic shapes and lines, and using found materials and recycled textiles. Editions are created through relief printing of multiple layers resulting in the development of images with simple to complex relationships between lines, shapes, patterns and colours. Pressing of “ghosts” or “cognates,” are also incorporated. This process of working also allows adjustments to the printing process to be made as the image develops. The final images trigger for him emotions and memories, and invite viewers to pause, reflect, and have their own visual and emotional response.

Printmaking is a matrix based operation with the artist determining what is upon the physical matrices whether it is for example wood, stone, or a metal plate. The expressive capabilities of original printmaking are limitless and go way beyond the limitations imposed by the origins of printmaking and the historical concern for replication. For Roger printmaking stands as an art form capable of variation and alteration leading itself to experimentation and variations in execution. This has been exploited in printmaking by Canadian artists such as Harold Town and Otis Tamasauskas. Because Roger is more interested in using printmaking as a process for reaching a desired image, in this series he is making small editions and variable editions with only 3-6 hand-pulled prints, or unique prints.

Roger Sutcliffe, SCA, OSA, is a Nepean-based painter and printmaker. He is a studio member of the Ottawa Gatineau Print Connective. Roger has a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Ottawa School of Art, and completed workshops in painting and printmaking at Haliburton School of Art and Design. His work has been included in over 150 exhibitions including solo, juried (international, national and regional), group, and touring exhibitions. His printmaking has been included in exhibitions in Canada, USA, Spain, England, and France. Roger received Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance grants for 2020–2021. He is represented by the Nak Gallery, Ottawa  For more information see

Roger Sutcliffe, Tangled Underground 1-1

Collagraph plates on Hahneműhle paper.
22″ x 15.25″

Roger Sutcliffe, Meandering Thoughts 1-5

Collagraph plates on Hahneműhle paper.
22″ x 15.25″

Roger Sutcliffe, Viral Flakes 2

Collagraph plates on Hahneműhle paper.
22″ x 30.5″

Roger Sutcliffe, Snowflakes at Sunset

Collagraph plates on Hahneműhle paper.
30.5″ x 22″