Philippine Artists Group

June 20 to July 9, 2022

Location:  Art Space Connect Gallery

Presented by: Philippine Artists Group

Opening Reception: TBA

The Philippine Artists Group of Canada or PAG membership now includes some of the more important names among contemporary Filipino artists active in Ontario. Although selective in the acceptance of new members, the PAG continues to grow not only in membership but also in stature and idealism. No longer just a group of Filipino artists struggling to promote their handiwork, the group has now assumed an important role in the overall Filipino community effort of promoting Philippine arts and culture. To great numbers of Filipino migrants in Canada, daily embroiled in the task of building new lives in their New Country, the PAG represents that link with our cultural past, the communicator and custodian of the values and richness of Philippine visual arts.

To the members, presently consisting of Rolly AbarillaAntonio ‘Jun’ A. Afable, Jr.Teody Asuncion,Joyce BondocFrank CruzetJhun Ciolo DiamanteMarissa Buyco-Corpus GaaGene LoposCatalina JeffersRomi C. MananQuilOmel MasalungaMila Ureta NavalezaKoni MarcouxMaridi NiveraToots QuiachonMichelle Chermaine RamosMarissa SweetFrank TonidoNelia TonidoMark Edison Salinas, the Philippine Artists Group of Canada is the lifeblood that inspires them to higher levels of creativity and pride in their own craft. To young and aspiring Filipino artists in Canada it is the umbrella that provides shelter in which to develop identity and mateship with senior role models and mentors.

Gene Lopos, Mama Dora

Oil on Canvas
20″ x 24″

Baby, Nerissa Pineda

Acrylic on Canvas
9″ x 11″

Wild Flowers, Nerissa Pineda

Acrylic on Canvas
12″ x 14″

Message from the Consulate General of the Republic of the Philippines Toronto