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Adult Courses & Workshops 

Registration Begins
November 29, 2016 at 9:00am. Members only  (phone & in-person only)
December 5, 2016 at 9:00am. General Public

Download a PDF copy of the brochure here

Critique! with Steve Rose
Mondays 9:30am – 12:30pm
January 30 – March 27, 2017 (no class Feb. 20 and Mar. 13) 7 weeks
$220 member, $245 non-member (with HST: $248.60, $276.85)

Award-winning instructor Steve Rose will share his insight and experience through the critique and analysis of students’ art.  Bring in any works-in-progress, or dust off those pieces you have given up on.  Learn from the mistakes and successes of your peers while finding ways to introduce more of yourself into your work.  This course is open to all levels, in any media or style you choose.

All About Them with Steve Rose
Mondays 1:00pm – 4:00pm
January 30 – March 27, 2017 (no class Feb. 20 and Mar. 13) 7 weeks
$220 member, $245 non-member (with HST: $248.60, $276.85)

Following in the very successful footsteps of “All About Me”, now there is “All about Them”! Join us for this exciting new class of portraits and figurative work. This course will be in the form of different approaches to portrait painting. Images could be of loved ones, historical photos, celebrities, fashion shots, animals, etc. whatever you may wish to use as your muse. An assortment of ideas and jumping off points will be utilized for a variety of experimental portrait projects. Emphasis will be placed on finding individual creativity and personal self-expression, from vision to execution in regard to media concepts and techniques. Material List. 

Basics and Beyond with Louise Zych
January 24 – March 28, 2017 (no class Mar. 14) 9 weeks

Tuesdays 9:30am -12:30pm

$285 member, $315 non-member (with HST: $322.05, $355.95)

Tuesdays 1:00pm – 4:00pm
$285 member, $315 non-member (with HST: $322.05, $355.95)

Tuesdays 6:30pm – 9:30pm
$285 member, $315 non-memberwith HST: $322.05, $355.95)

For beginners, seasoned artists in need of a shake-up and those in between, this course can be tailored to meet your needs and will keep you moving on your creative journey. Explore any medium of your choice (no oils, please) and satisfy both sides of your brain by thoughtfully planning your drawing, painting or other artwork without sacrificing spontaneity and life. There will be a brief discussion about an art related topic (theory, materials, technique, history, etc.) at the beginning of each class. Materials list.

Image Transfers and Beyond: Creative Ways to Incorporate Photos into Mixed Media with Kim Lee-Kho

Wednesdays 9:30am – 4:00pm
February 1 – February 15, 2017 3 weeks
$215 member, $245 non-member (with HST: $242.95, $276.85)

Photography is the new universal language, and artists today are working with it in so many new and exciting ways! Maybe you’re a painter who’s curious and wondering what to do with the many photos you’ve taken. Maybe you’ve done image transfers before but want practice and understand better how to transform them into interesting mixed media artwork. With a combination of contemporary examples, physical samples, technical information, demonstrations and lots of hands-on creative time, instructor Kim-Lee Kho will guide you through various technical and creative approaches and answer many questions along the way.

Basic materials fee of $25 covers initial set of prints and some other materials. Additional prints and materials will be available for sale. Material List.

Collage & Mixed Media with Kal Honey
Thursdays 9:30am – 12:30pm
January 26 – February 16, 2017 4 weeks
$126 member, $140 non-member (with HST: $142.38, $158.20)

From the bold immediacy of appropriated media imagery to the nuanced subtlety of texture, colour and form -- collage has the potential to say anything you want it to say. This course is designed as an ongoing investigation into the nature and potential of this versatile, visceral medium.  With inspiring and thought-provoking examples from 20th-century masters as well as current practitioners as our starting points, this course will delve into a variety of artistic ideas and issues via the medium of collage. We will be working with a wide range of collage materials, as well as in combination with acrylic paints. Group and individual discussions will help clarify your artistic thinking, and your personal expression and direction will be actively encouraged.

Open to all, but is best suited to artists with at least a few years' experience.  Material List. 


Painting and Mixed Media Studio with Kal Honey
Thursdays 1:00pm - 4:00pm 
January 26 – February 16, 2017 4 weeks
$126 member, $140 non-member (with HST: $142.38, $158.20)

A challenging and supportive environment in which to further your self-directed painting practice. Group discussion and plenty of personal attention will enable you to better understand and develop your artistic vision. Already excited with your current direction? Come develop it – push it further. Stuck? Come get unblocked in a creative, non-threatening environment. Starting out? Come explore the vast array of options and start to find your path, your voice. This course is both safe haven and launching point: personal expression and growth are paramount, and at every turn you will be encouraged to hear and trust your own inner compass in boldly exploring new directions. Each session begins with a brief look at the work of a particular artist or movement as inspiration, and if desired, individual challenges can be set in consultation one-on-one with the instructor. Material List.


Drawing: Exploration in Media & Technique with Helen McCusker
Thursdays 1:00pm - 4:00pm 
January 26 – March 30, 2017 (no class Mar. 16) 9 weeks
$285 member, $315 non-member (with HST: $322.05, $355.95)

For students who have some drawing experience and are looking for ways to expand their drawing repertoire, become more proficient, and learn new ways of seeing. This class will explore a variety of media. We will study colour, composition and technique. Improve your drawing skills in a supportive environment!  Material List.

Beyond Picasso with Steve Rose
February 3 – March 31, 2017 (no class Feb. 17 and Mar. 17) 7 weeks

Fridays 9:30am - 12:30pm (please call office)
$220 member, $245 non-member (with HST: $248.60, $276.85)

Fridays 1:00pm – 4:00pm 
$220 member, $245 non-member (with HST: $248.60, $276.85)

Learn to paint in a free, expressive way.  This popular course encourages students to take new creative paths in their work.  Learn the difference between abstract and non-objective painting.  Apply your knowledge of depth, shape, form, and contrast to the exciting technique of non-objective painting to achieve a freer expression of style in all your work. Material List. 

Life Drawing & Painting Studio

January 27 – March 24, 2017 (no class Mar. 17) 8 weeks

Fridays 9:30am -12:30pm (short poses)
$145 member, $180 non-member (with HST: $163.85, $203.40)
Drop-in: $20 member, $25 non-member (limited spaces) (with HST: $22.60, $28.25)

Fridays 1:00pm - 4:00pm (long poses)
$145 member, $180 non-member (with HST: $163.85, $203.40)
Drop-in: $20 member, $25 non-member (limited spaces) (with HST: $22.60, $28.25)

No instructor. For independent and/or experienced artist. Expand your repertoire and explore the joys of designing with the figure. Drawing and water-based media (no oils). 

Drawing the Face & Head: Facial Expressions and More with Kim-Lee Kho
9:30am – 4:00pm
Sunday January 29, 2017                                                                                                          
$80 members, $90 non-members (with HST: $90.40, $101.70)

Learn how to analyze and understand the structures and proportions of the head and face before focusing on the features in order to achieve well-constructed and balanced drawings and increase apparent likeness. Through visual presentation and demonstration Kim Lee Kho will lead you through exercises using photographs and a live, professional model. Gain the confidence that comes from having a better understanding of the structural nature of the head and a process for building on it. A variety of pose lengths for different kinds of drawing; an open pose will be incorporated at the end of the day. $10 material fee payable to the instructor. Material List. 

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