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 Mind and Medium

Exhibition Duration: July 3 – July 30, 2017

Reception: Saturday, July 8 from 1- 4pm

Mind and Medium is a solo exhibition showcasing work by Moyez Pasaya. Pasaya is a Ugandan-born artist who has been living in Canada for more than 15 years. Pasaya’s techniques employ a wide range of materials and media-from glowing ethereal impressions, brilliant and overflowing with colors to form strictly geometrical panels in striking white, soft grays and jet black, Wood, film, paper, glass stucco paint all have their place in his work.

Many of his work are also inspired by Islamic architecture and decoration. Pasaya who is primarily a printmaker insists on using everyday materials, like mesh, wooden boards, rope, and glitter.

Hallway Gallery

Imminent Magdalena Slabosz


Exhibition Duration: July 3 – July 30, 2017

Reception: Saturday, July 22 from 2-4pm

This exhibition features work by Magdalena Slabosz that consists of oil paintings. The artist’s intention is to highlight her older and recent art as a coherent body of work. Formerly, the old paintings explored a different concept regarding the public and private nature of human expression. Currently, the work studies similarities in the human form and anthropomorphic objects. The title "Corpus" is Latin for "body", emphasizing the subject matter featured.

 Emerging Artist Gallery

david clifton 2 9

David Clifton

Exhibition Duration: July 9 –  August 6, 2017

Toronto based Artist, David Clifton, has been intoxicated by art, philosophy, poetry and music for most of his life. As a graduate of OCADU’s Illustration (BDes) program, David approaches his image ideation process with a conceptual bent, creating opinion pieces that reflect on ideas and events that he encounters and observes. Much of his focus is on embracing chance and changing traditional processes to find new ways to communicate. 

Click Here to learn more about David's work!

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