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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Neilson Park Creative Centre Annual General Meeting of Members
Neilson Park Creative Centre will hold its Annual General Meeting of Members on Sunday, January 21, 2024, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Strategic Plan
To view our 2024 interim Strategic Plan, click here.

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Financial Statement
To view our 2022-23 Financial Statement, click here.
Annual Report
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AGM Package
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Proposed Slate of Directors
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About Us

Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC) is a charitable organization that serves the diverse landscape of Toronto through partnerships, outreach initiatives and community engagement.

As an arts hub in Western Toronto, NPCC serves the community by offering arts based classes, workshop, drop-ins, open studios, events and exhibitions within and outside its facilities.

We welcome all individuals to the Centre through free and paid programming and deliver free arts-based learning as outreach programs outside the Centre. NPCC provides gallery space as rentals in its fully accessible facilities of 4 studios, 5 gallery spaces, administrative offices and support spaces.

Established in 1992, the Centre is home to six Resident Groups: Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto, Etobicoke Handweavers and Spinners, Etobicoke Art Group, Etobicoke Quilters Guild, Etobicoke Rugcrafters and Humber Valley Art Club.

We are proud to serve all demographics through our art exhibitions – we offer an average of 17 exhibitions per year per gallery, rotating on a 3-week exhibition schedule.

Our internal programming primarily targets adult populations through the guilds we serve; and family and youth programming through the classes and workshops we offer. Externally, we serve a wide range of populations including youth, families and adults.


To serve as an inclusive arts hub that meets the creative needs of the community by facilitating artistic expression through education, exhibitions and events.

Connecting to and celebrating a richer life through the arts.

Neilson Park Creative Centre exists to foster and facilitate connections among our membership and stakeholder communities on their creative journey through our arts-focused programming and facilities.

For our Resident Groups, Neilson Park Creative Centre is a permanent home for current and potential members for their creative, organizational and social needs.
For our artists – creators and makers alike – Neilson Park Creative Centre serves as an alternative to the home studio existence of solo artists by offering a creative community of like-minded individuals to share that journey;
For emerging groups of practitioners, Neilson Park Creative Centre delivers a supportive studio setting to encourage the creative, social and personal growth of artists, creators and crafters across disciplines;

For the public, Neilson Park Creative Centre is a gateway to discovering and exploring how the arts define and enrich their lives.


There are certain core values that Neilson Park Creative Centre holds to be true; like prisms, they refract and illuminate the broader spectrum of options that inform NPCC’s decision making.
Accessibility: Neilson Park Creative Centre minimizes barriers (physical, social, economic, cultural, educational) to ensure all can engage in – and be engaged by – the arts.
Diversity and Inclusivity: Neilson Park Creative Centre fosters and supports an environment that mirrors the diversity of our community – age, gender, economic, education, language and culture – and sees inclusiveness as a powerful strategy to diversify an environment where all feel included, supported, listened to and able to grow to their own personal best.
Engagement: Neilson Park Creative Centre values the generous commitment of time, talent and effort of all our supporters, volunteers and staff to making a difference.
Mutual Respect: Neilson Park Creative Centre demonstrates a high regard for others and actively values the healthy exchange of ideas and opinions.
Quality: Neilson Park Creative Centre strives for continuous learning, constant improvement and a commitment to quality outcomes.
Transparency: Neilson Park Creative Centre is open, accessible and candid in how it communicates to its internal and external supporters.

NPCC's Policy & Actions on Anti-Racism, Access & Equity

Neilson Park Creative Centre is committed to maintaining an environment where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect and are free from all forms of discriminatory treatment, behaviour or practice.

Discrimination, harassment, violence, and any other form of discriminatory practices will not be tolerated by Neilson Park Creative Centre. Discrimination does not have to be intentional. It can result from practices or policies that appear to be neutral but, in reality, have a negative effect on groups or individuals based on race, religion, gender, and so on.

Click here more information on our code of conduct.

NPCC's 30th Anniversary!

NPCC celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023! To view our 30th Anniversary video, click here to watch.