Founders Legacy 2021 Fundraiser

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One sentiment Neilson Park Creative Centre has frequently heard of late is, “I can’t even begin to explain what this place has meant to me over the years.” And we are still here, still making a difference – even through a pandemic. To continue to thrive, NPCC seeks your ongoing financial support.

Recently, the community has shared how these last 16 months have been hard on them with isolation, uninspiring days turning into weeks – and yet NPCC was still there with virtual instruction from familiar teachers; drop-ins that were as much about laughing as learning; digital exhibitions and online auctions. None of this could have happened if it hadn’t been for your ongoing generosity and support.

The pandemic threatened to take away the feelings and experience of community, of being connected. Thanks to NPCC’s wonderful staff, that did not happen – even during lockdowns, NPCC delivered online courses, workshops and drop-ins, welcoming visitors from across the country and around the world; in person exhibitions became online shows and auctions; and when we were finally able to open, our summer camps for kids this past summer were more in demand than ever.

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Our Goal is $35,000!

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