Corporate Partnerships

Become a sponsor!
Join Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC) as a Community Partner and meet your business goals in a customizable fashion. Build brand awareness and access to customers, all in a creative setting!
As Community Partner your brand could be a key beneficiary supporting NPCC’s vision of “Connecting to and celebrating a richer life through the arts”. In response to your desire to have a real presence in our community that incorporates opportunities for building ongoing relationships over a series of events across an extended period, our promotional campaign consists of a combination of face-to-face presence, print and digital promotion, social media and distribution
through both our internal membership and external supporter network, as well as municipal channels to community centres, senior centres and libraries.
NPCC offers a connection with an established regional community partner, one recognized for creative arts-based delivery of destination events and programs, one committed to connecting and sharing creative experiences across a diverse spectrum – young and old, families and individuals, ratepayers and tenants – delivering a range of artistic disciplines and crafts.
For information, please email