Staff Biographries

NPCC staff members are talented, energetic and dedicated arts professionals who are here to serve the needs of our community!

Toia Allen-Daniels

Toia Allen-Daniel is an illustrator who specializes in painting and ink drawing, as well as digital paintings. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario studying the arts at Humber College.

Toia has studied many forms of art in the Art Foundation program at Humber College, where she obtained a college certificate exploring different mediums such as drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, animation, and illustration.  She now is currently studying in the Visual and Digital Arts program at Humber College, where she participated in various exhibitions such as the Toronto Biennial of Art show in the Art in Access exhibition at the Art Commons in 2019. 

She looks forward to learning more about the members and community that makes NPCC a creative melting pot!

Dani De Angelis, Programs Coordinator

Dani De Angelis (she/her) is a community-engaged artist, founder of Art Echoes collective, advocate for arts access in Toronto, and all-around decent person with a good sense of humour! Dani joins NPCC as Program Coordinator and looks forward to working with NPCC’s vibrant community. Dani’s background is as a multidisciplinary artist and facilitator, specializing in textile art, impressionism, abstract painting, and digital art.

She brings with her administrative superpowers and enthusiasm for making inspirational arts opportunities happen! She believes that the vast, rich world of art- and craft- forms can engage every person’s innate creativity. Dani hails from Welland, Ontario and is an alumna of York University (BA Hons. Visual Art and Art History) and Centennial College (post-graduate certificate in Arts Education and Community Engagement). Dani currently sits on the Education Advisory Board for Tarragon Theatre, Program Advisory Board for the Arts Education and Community Engagement program at Centennial College, and the Graduates’ Advisory and Influencers Committee for Centennial College.

This is Dani’s grand return to NPCC, having grown since her previous position as Camp Coordinator during Summer 2021. All are warmly welcomed to learn more about Dani by emailing her at or by coming into the Centre to say hi!

Nicole Dechert, Customer Service Representative

Nicole Dechert (she/her) was a Co-op student at NPCC during the summer of 2022. She is in the Bachelor of Child and Care Program at Humber College in Etobicoke. After her placement at NPCC she was hired as a Customer Service Representative and also given the opportunity to instruct children’s art classes at the centre.

Nicole always enjoyed drawing and painting in her free time. She took art all the way up to grade 11 in highschool, but was not able to do it in grade 12 because she needed certain classes to get into her program at Humber College. She was thrilled when she was told that she will instruct children’s art classes, because it allowed her to be able to do art again, as well as work with children and put her CYC skills to practice!

She hopes that with her guidance and teaching she can help children use their creativity and imagination to create amazing art, as well as help them learn skills and techniques that can heighten their own art that they create.

Sum Duff, Customer Service Representative

Sum Duff (he/him) is a visual artist and soon to be graduate of Silverthorn Collegiate Institute. He is actively involved in the arts at his highschool as a member of the SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) Program, which has allowed him to become involved in projects such as Silverthorn’s annual Arts Showcase as a graphic designer and curator.

Sum’s major interest lies in painting, however he also explores digital media, sculpting, and drawing with many other mediums. The SHSM program has also provided Sum with the opportunity to take part in a co-op position here at the NPCC, which has continued into his work as a CSR and Summer Camp Counsellor.

He is excited to continue studying and expanding his knowledge in arts and culture during his post secondary education, as well as gaining experience, building connections, and contributing to the community here at the NPCC!

Petra NyendickExecutive Director
Originally from Toronto, Petra Nyendick moved to Indiana in 2001, living in Indianapolis and Terre Haute. After realizing the need for a commercial art gallery in Terre Haute, Petra became founding director of 333 Visual Art Gallery. The success of that gallery and attached working studio morphed into the launch of Halcyon Contemporary Art Gallery at the Sheldon Swope Art Museum. Petra’s success as owner/operator of Halcyon and director of the Swope Art Museum’s Summer Youth Art Program led to her opportunity to become Executive Director of Indiana State University’s Community School of the Arts.
While in Indiana, she was a member of Arts Indiana’s Regional Advisory Council, and a member of the board of directors of various arts organizations: The Terre Haute Children’s Choir, Blues at the Crossroads Festival, and Wabash Valley Art Space. At Art Spaces, Petra also served as Chair of the Site Selection and Acquisition Committee.
Most recently, Petra served as the Executive Director of Silence: Guelph’s Portal For Adventurous New Sound Events, an innovative arts centre dedicated to presenting diverse, challenging, sustainable and accessible art and musical practices. While in Guelph, Petra served on the Guelph Arts Council board, chairing the Communications Committee.
These positions are the most recent facet in a life’s work in art; a long, strong involvement in the arts as a successful artist, agent and arts organizer. She brings to the NPCC her committed vision of the guild of the creative community and its importance to society as a whole.
Petra received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors at York University in Toronto and a Master of Fine Arts with distinction at Indiana State University.
Matthew Summers, Customer Service Representative

Matthew Summers is an Illustration student at OCAD University.

Art has been a lifelong interest to Matthew and he has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He continues to practice and improve through his classes and is currently learning more about analogue and digital painting. He’s painted a few murals, one of which is in his old high school Etobicoke Collegiate Institute.

Music is another passion that was pursued in middle school with his participation in the band program where he learned to play the trumpet. As his interest in music grew he started taking piano lessons as well. However, what really captured his attention was a small music class in high school that introduced students to electronic music and production. He has continued creating music electronically outside of school and this has allowed him to draw upon many genres for inspiration for his own music. 

Matthew was introduced to NPCC when he started working as a summer camp counselor and this last summer he worked as an instructor for the summer camp. He enjoyed working at NPCC over the summer and so when the opportunity arose to continue throughout the year as  a Customer Service Representative he gladly took it.

Cory Therrien, Operations Manager

Cory Therrien is an administrative and marketing professional with a diverse range of professional experience in areas such as office management, purchasing, event coordination, and product and brand analysis and departmental budgeting.

Cory is a believer in life-long learning and strives to acquire new insights, knowledge and skills through her work and classes in college continuing education, art and calligraphy.

She has a Bachelor of Administrative Arts in Office and Administrative Studies and a Certificate in Marketing from Ryerson University.