Online Auction and In-Person Exhibition

June 20 – July 17, 2022

Online Auction:
Bidding Owl, online platform

In-Person Exhibition: Art Space Connect, Parkview and Emergence Galleries, at Neilson Park Creative Centre

Bidding open from: June 20 to July 17 at 8 pm

NPCC is excited to present “ADAPT”, our second online, silent art auction!

Have fun and help support NPCC’s activities by bidding online for artworks. Scroll through the unique selection of paintings, sculptures, quilts, fibre arts, etc. and bid on artwork for you or for a unique gift.

Come see all the artworks in person in the auction in our galleries at NPCC!

Thank you to the following artist who have donated their one of a kind artworks to our fundraiser!

Jenneen Beattie, Marie Manger Beamish, Helen Benninger, Margaret O’Flanagan-Byerley, Toni Caldarone, Mary Cates, Karen Cooper, Jennifer Curran, Susan Dain, Dani De Angelis, Sophie DeFrancesca, Ma Juanita Estacio, Elizabeth Evans, Gail Gallow, Etobicoke Quilters’ Guild, Jacintha Krish, Yvonne Lane, Karen Light, Johnming Mark, Eileen Markwick, Helen McCusker, Joan McKenzie, Bev Morgan, Rose Marie Nicolucci, Petra Nyendick, Ann O’Shea, Doris Pontieri, Susan Seagrove, Linda Semple, Penny Watson, Don Wilson, Edith Young.


Click here for the link to Bidding Owl Website.

To create an account in the top left hand corner click on “Register”. To register for the Bidding Owl website fill out the registration form with your name and email address. Or if you are already have an account click Log In.

You will be directed to NPCC’s ADAPT – An Online Art Auction web page.

Scroll through the items.

Click on the green “Bid” button beside the items you have selected and make your bid!

You can track the status of your bids in your account on Bidding Owl.

Reminder bidding for the auctions ends on July 17 at 8 pm.

You will receive an email if you are the winner.

Thank you for supporting NPCC!