35th Purely Pastel Exhibition

May 27 to June 13,  2025

Location: All Galleries

Presented by: Pastel Artists.CA

Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony: Thursday, May 29, 2025, 6 pm to 8 pm

Join us in celebrating the wonderful medium of pastels. 

Pastel Artists.CA presents works from artists across Canada, and internationally, working in pastels. Pastels are the world’s oldest medium, dating back to the caves in Lascaux. Modern advancements in the manufacture of pastels, along with museum-quality paper supports, mean those pastel paintings created by today’s artists will last for centuries to come. And yes, they are paintings!

This exhibition is exclusive to works created in pastel. From landscapes to still life, portraits to abstract, our members create beautiful work in different styles. From bold strokes to the faintest whisper of pastel, artists can express themselves in any manner that soothes their souls and communicates their vision. There are no limits to pastels.

View the works in this exhibition and you can confirm that for yourself.


Reception – On Thursday, May 29, 2025 from 6 pm to 8 pm is the Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony.

ICAN 2025 Conference – On Wednesday, May 28 to Sunday, June 1, 2025, is the Pastel Artists.CA biannual conference. Featuring Canada’s top pastel artists and providing an opportunity to learn, grow, and make connections with other pastel artists from across Canada and beyond. 

Joyce Benson, Breezing Through


Roberta Combs, Overboard


Nga Reinio, Light of Hope


Karin Richter, Blue Pottery


Elena Selitsky, Hoping For A New Life


Kira Sokolovskaia, Winter Light


Susan Typert, Vancouver Bound