September 6 to September 25, 2022

Location: Emergence Gallery

Presented by: Nalin Kamat

This snapshot of my work is titled “Disposition” – reflecting inherent qualities of mind and character. The piece selected here is an expression of my personal feelings as I grow up, the primitive and subconscious emotions that are at the very core of human nature.

Resilience was created last year, when I was 12 years old. As a preteen, there are times when you feel weighed down by the pressure and stress – like when preparing for a crucial exam. Resilience is quintessential to growing up. To evince this emotion, I created this charcoal drawing using the classical symbolism of Atlas holding up the Earth. The high contrast emphasizes the strength and pain in his sinewy body. The sinuous curves of the pose embody flexibility and endurance – true testaments of resilience.

This series, titled Pulse, emerged from Resilience. These three pieces form a story, and are encompassed by the rhythmic line that runs through and connects each piece to its neighbor – the Pulse. Beginning with the leftmost artwork, the series delves into the effort of the figure lifting the ball above his shoulders. The second one depicts the overwhelming pain of bearing the load. Yet he hardens his arms, willing to face the onslaught, refusing to surrender the struggle. The Pulse continues: paced and constant, quick yet unhurried. Finally, in the third, the pain disappears. His desire to resist the urge to drop and quit, has driven him into a state of calm, overruling his effort and blending himself with his surroundings. The Pulse changes: it becomes quiet, long, tranquil – Resilient.

Partly due to the fact that charcoal artwork is extremely difficult for clients to frame and maintain, Nalin has developed a series of pieces that reflect, and enhance the original charcoal drawing. These pieces emerge from the initial drawing, but they enrich and develop from the primordial disposition that inspired the creation of their parent piece. They evolve and explore the complex thoughts and concepts, whilst complimenting the emotional reaction of the viewer. Each artwork uses an unconventional and fresh conceptualization of thoughts to portray the fluid, personal view of each unique disposition. It portrays the way the one original emotion, can transpire into such distinctive and individual means of being perceived. Thus each artwork is solitary and exclusive, and each can reflect your own inbred impression of the Disposition.

Each series is unique and must be bought together. All of the artworks are sold with the frame for extra protection. The frames are made of FSC Certified wood and glass windows. Included in the frame is an acid-free, archival quality matboard.