July 19 to August 5, 2022

Location: Art Space Connect, Parkview and Founders Galleries

Presented by: Neilson Park Creative Centre

Reception and Awards Ceremony: Thursday, July 21  from 7 pm to 9 pm

IMPACT is NPCC’s most anticipated show that fosters creativity in the artistic community. IMPACT 2022 aims to bring together artists practicing in diverse media and approaches, both traditional and contemporary, while showcasing artwork of the highest standard.

IMPACT 2022 Winners

Congratulations to the winning artists of IMPACT 2022! 

Channel by Juliana Scherzer

First Prize Winner
Channel evokes transitions between space and time and how our environments affect these transitions.

Made from preserved fallen leaves, the strands of cut and sewn leaves move through the squares, their patterns shifting, evoking changeability and impacts of different environments.

The material itself is natural and is also subject to change, having already shifted colour since the creation of the piece, the material and Channel itself are living and changing.

This leads to consideration of one’s role in this process, the effects we have on the environment around us, and the symbiotic relationships between human, environment, material, and creation.
Instagram, Website

Channel by Juliana Scherzer
Preserved Leaves, Thread
9″ x 45″ x 0.5″

Inukshuk by Cat Marchese

Second Prize Winner
I created this Inukshuk to show respect and pay homage to the Inummariit the Inuit who know how to survive on the land, living in their traditional way.
The bricks used in this image are historical and several decades old which I found along shorelines in Toronto.

They are part of my historical brick collection – Citybonez – where I pay photographic homage to our stately skeleton, building blocks manufactured by brickyards dating back to 1889, offering a glimpse into our collective architecture.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website

Inukshuk by Cat Marchese
30″ x 30″

Cumulus by Gordon Boyd

Third Prize Winner
Inspired by the clouds seen each night growing up in Manitoba, the soft greens of this piece are reminiscent of a quite night overlooking a lake.

The subtle bright green outline of each highlighting the texture and making it stand out much like the sun lines the clouds during a sunset.
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Cumulus by Gordon Boyd
Blown Glass, Engraved and Etched
5″ x 16″

The Greenman by Pat Burns-Wendland

Honourable Mention
The Greenman was created during the first half of our Covid lockdown. I felt the need to experiment and see what was possible with my handwoven and dyed silk cloth. Time was on my side.

The Greenman is 100% silk, hand dyed and woven. the image that appears on the back of the piece was created using hand dyed cheesecloth then stitched to the cloth.

This mythical creature has always fascinated me and being able to interpret him in my work gave me great satisfaction. The hand dyed commercial silk leaves and lining add to the interest of the piece.

The Greenman by Pat Burns-Wendland
Fibre Art/Textiles
54″ x 54″

Duality by Alex Dabic

Honourable Mention
This painting was done as a tribute to a close friend and fellow artist, who is of both Russian and Ukrainian heritage. Painted prior to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the goal behind this piece was to capture a moment of introspection while representing the subject as a bi-product of both nations, each having played a major part in shaping his cultural identity.

Infused throughout the background are portions of his artist statement, written in both languages. The figure is painted life-size and contrasted against a gritty, abstract background, so as to create a trompe-l’oeil effect and establish a relationship between the figure and the viewer.
Instagram, Website

Duality by Alex Dabic
Oil on Panel
36″ x 36″ x 4″


Congratulations to the following artists who have been accepted into the exhibition!

Our juror, Azadeh Pirazimian was tasked with selecting artworks that demonstrated creative thinking and a strong understanding of concept, media and process. There were 80 artworks chosen for the exhibition from 222 entries.

ArtistArtworkSocial Media & Website Links
Anita AdamekCardinal in Winter 
Shankar AdiseshanAutumnWebsite
Holly AtkinsonThe Fragile EarthFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website
Ian BaggleyPortrait of RonFacebook, InstagramWebsite
Arif BahaduriKissInstagram
Nahal BahrmanUntitledFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website
Alice BerloniNaked TreesInstagram
Gordon BoydCumulusFacebook, InstagramWebsite
Pat Burns-WendlandThe GreenmanWebsite
Janet ByrneBlack and White SwallowsInstagram
Nancy R. ChalutSunday’s Second Sermon 
Mary Ellen ChapmanSweet DreamsFacebook, Instagram, Website
Nadra ChapmanTarana Burke 
Clement ChengFloating PearsInstagramWebsite
Lillian ChowMomentumInstagram, Website
John CrowtherChaos & Control 
Alex DabicDualityInstagram, Website
Pauline De FourFour Seasons- Textile PaintingInstagram, Website
Stephanie DoldSemioticsFacebook, Instagram, Website
Tom DriedgerStairway to HeavenInstagram
Mike EffordFields of Vision – Harvest Vortex #1Website
Sonya ElliottAltered Circles 
Irit EpsteinWhen the Music Starts to PlayInstagram, Website
Nancy FarrellThere Are No WordsWebsite
Tatiana FryntovAdolescenceFacebook, Instagram, Website
Oleksandra GayovaSelf PortraitFacebook
Jonathan GeeIsland CabinInstagram
Catharina Goldnau5 Dimensions 
Tatiana GorbalThe ViewInstagram, Website
Benjamin GuidolinWhen Alice Cooper met Salvador Dali 
Jaehyun HanCoexistence_Mohawk Institute Residential SchoolInstagram
Samuel HayesFire CruxInstagram, Website
Anne JacksonRadiant BlueFacebook, Instagram, Website
Susan JephcottThe Velvet Glove of Silencing 
Fei Ji10 SkiesWebsite
Leonore JohnstonBrazileira 
Elfie KalfakisBurning Virgin Study #1Facebook, Instagram, Website
Nalin KamatAtaraxyWebsite
Arthur KarasikTell Me a StoryInstagram, Website
Meghal KhakharUnisonInstagram
Sherry KhorasaniPink Cosmos and Blue SkyInstagram
Hannah KilbyCherriesFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website
Jodi Kitto-WardThe Turning Point IIIInstagram, Website
Jane Laster-GordonAbstracted ChairFacebook, Instagram
Brittany LaurenImagine ThatInstagram, Website
Joseph Leanage6 The Shine 
Arnie LipseyIncognitoFacebook, Instagram, Website
Cathy LorrawaySummer ReflectionsFacebook, Instagram
Franca MaraziaEn Plein AirInstagram, Website
Cat MarcheseInukshukFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website
Johnming MarkLeda and the SwanFacebook, Instagram
Brian MarshallMerganzerFacebook, Instagram, Website
Laurel MartinFirecracker SunflowersFacebook, Instagram, Website
Mira MartinezSunroomInstagram
Paul MattioliLionheartedWebsite
Geramie O’SheaHalloween Quilt 
Rekha  PevekarExotic OrchidsInstagram, Website
Katrianna PisaniFiring the Shotgun 
Marie A. ProsperoLighthouseWebsite
Piera PuglieseThe Old General of WoodvalleyFacebook, Instagram, Website
Karen L RayFinally SpringFacebook, Instagram
Jennifer ReisLoafer’s Lake 
Peter ReitsmaSteel BandFacebook, Instagram, Website
Doreen RennerTopsy TurvyFacebook, Instagram, Website
Gintaras RepeckaPineFacebook
Alena RotkoShellFacebook, Instagram, Website
Juliana ScherzerChannelInstagram, Website
Linda SempleInterrupted SpaceInstagram, Website
Elizabeth StantonBlueFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website
Margaret StawickiSilencedInstagram, Website
Quan SteeleMisplacementInstagram, Website
Douglas StratfordJ!M!FacebookWebsite
Roger SutcliffeViral Flakes #6 1-1Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website
Ewa SzozdaWillow Trees in the Country RoadFacebook, Instagram
Ava TkaczukEmergingInstagram
Heather Vida-MooreBurstInstagram, Website
Gerda WekerleFlying Upwards 
Ross WilliamsHidden AwayInstagram, Website
Mathew XagorarisAll Consuming CuraFacebook, Website
Adi ZurSeeing ThingsFacebook, Website

Azadeh Pirazimian, Juror

Azadeh Pirazimian
Multidisciplinary Artist

Azadeh Pirazimian is an Iranian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist, art instructor based in Toronto and a former lecturer from Iran.

Through her practice, she actively investigates prevailing power structures, social norms and conventions while focusing on belonging, womanhood and everyday resistances. Her interests are a matter of representation, collaboration as practice, feminist politics and intersectionality. She aims to initiate methods within her art practice to create space for dialogue. Azadeh’s artistic approach combines different disciplines, including photography, video, performance art, painting and illustration, while her methodology is consistent.

Over the years, her works have been showcased at several exhibitions in Iran, Canada and the Netherlands. In her most current body of works, “I have Become Red” she offers a critical view of a socio-political and cultural issue over “Being Silenced” either by one’s self or society.

www.azadehpirazimian.com     Facebook    Instagram

Azadeh Pirazimian

For more information or questions, please email Cory at gallery@neilsonparkcreativecentre.com