Meenakashi Ghadial

November 7 to November 26, 2023

Location: Emergence Gallery

Presented by: Meenakashi Ghadial

In her exhibition, Crying Cars, Meenakashi presents oil paintings on metal that depict both archival family imagery from her parents wedding album with present day imagery from her current life. Through the juxtaposition of time, Meenakashi opens a dialogue that questions the way cars function in traditional Sikh weddings, and her life as a queer person living in Canada. The car often embodies heteronormative practices in traditional Sikh weddings, but for Meenakashi, the car is a safe, liminal space for her to navigate the nuances of mourning a queer relationship as a person of colour. Through her use of metal as a substrate forher paintings, she is able to continually challenge the modalities of how cars function in society.


Meenakashi Ghadial, Heartbroken in the Driver's Seat 2

Oil Paint and Graphite on Recycled Metal
6.5″ x 8″

Meenakashi Ghadial, Liar Diptych
Meenakashi Ghadial, Sun Death
Meenakashi Ghadial, Portrait Study