Oliver Tiura - Action Sculpture

November 29 to December 19, 2021

Location: Art Space Connect Gallery

Presented by: Oliver Tiura

I’m am a former Professor, a senior Canadian sculptor of Finnish origin. To date I’ve had over 75 one man and group exhibitions in a variety of countries including Mexico , France, Italy, Switzerland, the US, and Canada. I work in a wide variety of sculptural and 2-D media.

My intellectual, conceptual goals here express structurally the intriguing myriad combinations of the natural and geometric worlds. Demonstrating the ebb and flow of all life including earth, water, air, especially the vibrations of majestic sounds. All life factors, intermingling, thrown together, quickly parting. Differing states coming together in worldly balance. All the fluid dynamics of life, the mingling of colours, textures, all that we experience, fascinatingly connected .
In whole, it is for me, the symphony of life.

My working method is analogous to the Abstract Expressionists. Gestural statements of instant inclinations, accomplished from the deep experiences of my life’s learnings. They are, in a very real sense, ACTION SCULPTURE. As with expressionism, they are spontaneously created, changed, twisted, turned until my soul is satisfied at both the progression and the ever changing results to the point of completion.

“Oliver’s sculptures are like reptiles that grasp the earth, moving about at the same time within their molecular frames endeavouring to expand, rise up and breathe, as if they were a synthesis of a conflict between earthly and aerial forces, between solid rigidity and elasticity. A triumph of will.”

– Description of Oliver’s show in Mexico City by beloved Mexican sculptor Federico Silva.