Discover the Essence of Yoga

Saturday, May 25, 2024
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
0.00 (no HST)
Location: At Centre
Sessions: 1 Saturday
Instructor: Sunita Sinha
Level: All Levels

This immersive 2-hour journey is designed to explore the South Asian origins, history, practice, and different branches of yoga while showcasing how we can incorporate this ancient practice into our present-day lives. As Sunita uncovers yoga’s historical and philosophical underpinnings, participants will gain valuable insights and techniques on harnessing its transformative power. A guided breathwork session will follow with both relaxation and energy building methods shared to help participants to find balance, strength, and peace amidst the chaos of our modern age. Understanding the profound impact of proper breathing techniques on the mind and body lays the path for a healthier life. Sunita is a mindset coach and draws from Vedic wisdom. She is passionate about helping others navigate their aspirations. As a certified life coach and yoga teacher, she brings a unique blend of Eastern and Western philosophies to her practice. Her multi-disciplined career background has given her a 360-degree view of life.

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