NPCC COVID-19 Public Health Measures

COVID Entry Policy

Effective March 1, 2022, the following policy applies to all individuals seeking entry to Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC). The policy will be strictly enforced and any individual that does not comply with the policy will be asked to leave NPCC immediately. 
Any individual that has any symptoms of COVID should not seek entry into NPCC until fourteen days after the symptoms subside.
All individuals 2 years of age and up inside NPCC must, at all times, wear a mask which covers their nose, mouth and chin or provide proof of a medical exemption from the requirement to wear a mask. 
This policy is effective March 1, 2022, and is in place until rescinded or until further amended by the board of directors of NPCC.
NPCC will:
  • Permit normal capacity limits within its facilities
  • No longer require proof of vaccination, but may implement proof if necessary
  • Follow protective measures such as active/passive screening as required
  • All individuals 2 years of age and up are required to wear masks while inside the Centre. Visitors may take eating and drinking breaks provided they are seated apart at a minimum of 2 meters square per person.
  • Masks must be surgical, however, cloth masks may be worn if made with at least two layers of fabric.
  • Masks must be clean and without tears or holes.
  • If a guest develops symptoms while at NPCC, the guest will leave the premises.
  • All items in contact with the guest will be cleaned and disinfected by staff.
  • If a staff person develops illness while at work, they will immediately remove themselves from any contact with others, notify their supervisor and go home. Visitors or staff that are exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be excluded from the program setting for 14 days. Public health will be consulted for procedures on testing before being permitted to rejoin the program. 
Food and Drink
  • Participants may bring food and drink to NPCC