Expressions of Identity

February 1 to February 28, 2022

Location: Online

Presented by: Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA)

In this exhibition, the grade eleven contemporary art and contemporary photography students at Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA) have collected work across many different mediums, with different histories, and approaches to create Expressions of Identity.

In a time of separation, we strive to create a visual experience that strengthens connection and community. In Expressions of Identity, we collapse the distance that separation causes us, working towards our individual and communal goals. Using art as a universal language, we adapt to the constant change in the current world. Each work embodies how our grade continues to adapt to change in a perpetual time. The consciousness we create helps each other become better people and better artists.

Recovering from the loss that Covid-19 has caused, we have all put our experiences and emotion into our work. Connecting our class and viewers illuminates how similar we all are, therefore, evoking vulnerability, empathy, and clarity. We are all brought together by shared experiences, and through Expressions of Identity, we come together to make something beautiful.

Jane Forrest, Exhibition Coordinator

Indira de Cartier, "Inconsistency", Acrylic Ink, Acrylic Paint, Pastel on Canvas, 48" x 72"
Emine Adilak, Safety Net of Jewels

Archival pigment print
44” x 30”

Annika Arizala, Nostalgia

Archival pigment print,
12” x 9”

Lily Astrauskas, Artistic Construct of the Astrauskas Family

Archival pigment print,
26” x 34”

Tedd Beaudoin, Something Old, Something New

Mixed media,
30″ x 24″

Bella Bisci, Letting Go

Embroidery on linen,
11” x 6”

Tilly Blackett, Imaginary Perspective

Digital ,
23.8” x 18.9”

Emma Bolden, Turning Back

Archival pigment print,
20” x 26”

Muffy Boode, Pier

Archival pigment print,
44” x 28”

Leigh Breithaupt, Untitled

Rug Hooking,
12” x 24”

Kenyah Brown, Morning Face

Archival pigment print,
24” x 13.5”

Lily Chen, Evening Playscape

Oil on Canvas
60″ x 40″

Leigha Collins, Bleary

47” x 41”

Bianca D’Angelo, Mini Me, Self Portrait

Acrylic on canvas,
16” x 20”

Indira de Cartier, Inconsistency

Acrylic ink, acrylic paint, pastel on canvas,
48” x 72”

Eamon Dunbar, For Ben

Archival pigment print,
18” x 14”

Anna Evans-Cook, Be Still My Beating Heart; Eat Me Alive

Mixed media,
13” x 7”

Maia Falcitelli, Restoring Connections

Acrylic on canvas,
36’’ 24’’

Jane Forrest, History in the Walls

Oil on canvas,
24” x 36″

Madoc Fotheringham, Chair

Wire on metal pipe,
22” x 48” x 22”

Danielle Furtado, Overthrown

Archival pigment print,
36” x 24”

Mara Gibea, Prima Noapte

Acrylic on canvas,
42” x 42”

Emma Goldstein , Tea Time

Oil on canvas,
24” x 36”

Sophia Greco, Suburban Distortion

Archival Pigment Print,
24” x 36”

Emily Greene, Choleric

Archival pigment print,
36” x 24”

Kristen Hodder, Inter-Twined

Archival pigment print,
24” x 28”

Jamie Huchez, Composure

Oil on Canvas,
14” × 22”

Miranda Hyatt Orme, Vetted Time Squares

Ink, pencil on paper,
15” x 35”

Quincy Jackett, Indecisive

Archival pigment print ,
44” x 30”

Asloan Jaroszynski, Anatomy

Charcoal on paper,
20” x 25”

Elena Jin, Distance

Acrylic on watercolor paper,
14” x 11”

Ella Johannsson, Untitled

Acrylic on canvas,
22” x 14”

Olivia Joseph, Self-Assessment

Digital collage ,
24” x 18”

Maya Kachra, Disfigurement

Archival pigment print,
36″ x 24″

Jojo Komlos, Video Game References

24” x 30”


Francesca LeBlanc, Circo D'estate am Nederlands

Digital painting,
24″ x 36″

Lux Logan, Astral iteration

Archival pigment print,
44” x 32”

Greta Logtenberg, Three Year Triptic

Solarfast Paint on Cotton Paper,
20” x 30”

Charlotte Martin, Girl with Canine

Oil on canvas,
36” x 60”

Riley Martin, 43

Archival pigment print,
44” x 33”

Maya Mates, Sharp Edges

Archival pigment print,
44” x 33”

Miki Mitsui Hotz, The Chernobyl Incident

Acrylic on canvas, 48” x 36”

Asha Montano, Nature surrounding History

Archival pigment print,
12” x 19”

Lily-Fay Mowbray, Dysregulation

Archival pigment print ,
30” x 44”

Henna Ra, Lost In Space

Digital Art, Coding,
14” x 14”

Arya Raol, Fulfilment

Acrylic on canvas,
48” x 72”

Holly Reid, I Need Help

Archival pigment print,
22” x 16”

Helena Robbins, The Flood

Acrylic and water colour on paper, sewn on canvas,
36” x 24”

Leila Shahzamani-Griggs, Human Interaction

Wire (copper and aluminium) and wood ,
20” x 20” x 20”

Ari Shin, Perception is a Human Masterpiece

Archival pigment print,
9.5” x 8.7”

Elliot Stocking, Coping

Acrylic on canvas,
42″ x 48″

Ava Tkaczuk, Leaf Girl

Oil on canvas,
36” x 26”

George Tucker-Pieczonka, Eclipse

36” x 46″

Rowan White, Upstairs

Ink on canvas,
48” x 96”

Margaux Wilkinson and Yanna Jaskielewicz, 18 People Embracing

Digital Art, Coding,
26” x 21”

Nathaniel Yarmol-Matusiak, Mind #1

Acrylic on canvas,
50” x 30”